How Do Bondsmen Get Paid For Their Bonds?

The bail bonds business is a very lucrative one to get into that has a slight level of risk.  For many, Sacramento Bail Bonds on the surface may seem too risky and not worth the reward.  For those that can take on that risk, the bail bonds business is a very good one.

When we look at the bond business, it is going to be a business that is constantly in demand.  With law enforcement constantly on the road looking for issues, new people are entering the system on a daily basis.  For companies like Acme Bail Bonds, it is a constant source for new income.

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The first and most accepted is cash.  When posting a bond the bondsman will want to know that they will have the funds in their hands and the best way to do this is to slip them cash.  The amount of cash that you give them will be determined by the total amount of the issued bond.  For example, in most states a minimum of ten percent will be required to be paid to the bondsman.  This can be around five hundred dollars on a five thousand dollar bond.


The next thing that they may take is collateral.  Depending on the size of the bond and what is being offered this may be a good thing to consider.  For many, a house, car or jewelry will be taken as collateral in order to secure a bond.  If the bond is lost then the bondsman can usually make out better than if they had taken cash. 

One of the biggest issues with collateral is obtaining the items.  If the items are small, then they may be put into a safety deposit box or other location that can then be returned after the bond is settled, however, the cash value still needs to be paid in one way or another so the bondsman does make a profit for their efforts.

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